Anti-Pitbulls in Texas Residential Neighborhood

Prevent residential area from having Pitbull in the neighborhood. Pitbull have harmed or killed to many People in there own neighborhood. Kids can not ride there bikes safely, elderly can’t walk to the mail boxes, and these are senseless and unnecessary deaths. Most people that own a vicious dog don’t have the proper yards to facilitate these dogs. These dogs should not be changed to a tree or locked in a home. PleAse help Texas and other state make there neighbor hoods safe again. IT should be a minimum $25,000 fine and minimum 10 years in jail without parole if owner dogs harm someone. Most these owners are not insured for liability damage and hospital bills are costing the state and government money. PleAse help prevent the ownership of a Pitbull. If we continuing to allow Pitbulls in our neighbor hoods; than we should just consider having lions and bears be accepted in neighborhood as well. Just to dangerous.
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