Annual \"Vote of Confidence\" special ballot

This petititon demands that our Congress implement an annual "Vote of Confidence" speical ballot.

Dear Senators,

To whom this concerns:

As you are aware, a majority of American Citizens have lost confidence in our Leaders ability to govern the citizenry in the manner which conforms to The Constitution of the United States of America.

Therefore we present the following petition:

We, the undersigned, do hereby petition Congress to legislate an annual "Vote of Confidence" special ballot, for all 3 branches of the federal government-executive, legislative and judicial, to be held nationally on the first Tuesday of every May. The vote will include the President, Vice President, all members of the Supreme Court on all ballots nationally, as well as both Senators and all House members in their respective states.

Should the "Vote of Confidence" drop below 49% for any person on the ballot, a vote of no confidence will be declared for that person. Congress shall immediately begin recall, removal, or impeachment proceedings for any person that has a vote of 49% or less.

The "Vote of Confidence" will be open to all legal residents of the United States of America that are age 18 and over that are currently registered to vote in elections. There will be no early election dates/time frames or preregistration dates to be eligible for this special ballot. Only currently registered voters will be eligible. The final voting results of this special ballot will be the legal record and will of the constituents in each district/precinct/state.

Whereas the people no longer believe that the government listens to their concerns or suggestions, we seek this as a way to redress our grievances.

Whereas corporations, special interests, and lobbyists let money direct the course and type of legislation and judgment?s, we seek this as a way to redress our grievances.

Whereas the laws of the land are not being enforced as written and signed into law, or are being changed outside of constitutionally approved means, we seek this as a way to redress our grievances.

By our signature we beseech Our Congress to implement this ?Vote of Confidence? special ballot immediately.

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Public Comments (31)
Dec 24th, 2014
Someone from Santa Barbara, CA signed.
Jun 21st, 2014
Someone from Hanford, CA writes:
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"We can NOT have a minority of criminals in government, and that's what these people are, hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of Americans." ~ Tids1960
Mar 19th, 2014
Someone from Glen Burnie, MD writes:
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The Constitution is and always will be the law of this land. America is our country and always will be. This administration has stepped over the line into treason and Congress is bordering treason. You were warned by Constitutional experts of these issues, yet chosen to do nothing! This is a dangerous time in American history and Congress must decide who they serve. The 113th Congress has allowed this White House to cause great harm to America. Congress was warned by Constitutional experts and still does not do their job. Congress is now responsible!
Mar 16th, 2014
Someone from Gonzales, LA signed.
Mar 15th, 2014
Someone from Hawley, PA writes:
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Sad to say you will NEVER do this.
Mar 15th, 2014
Someone from Lebanon, TN writes:
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I just want Obama to go back from whence he came, and take Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Progressives with him, Democrat and Republican both.
Mar 15th, 2014
Someone from Jackson, MS writes:
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This is such a lack of honor issue ,you should all be ashamed of our country is in it's present state. The longer you have been there the more responsibility you bear .
Mar 15th, 2014
Someone from Fort Mill, SC writes:
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It's YOUR leadership ability to govern We the People that is in question. It's YOUR NO ACTION that has kept this Administration corrupting our lives, that is our priority in the next elections.
Mar 15th, 2014
Someone from Richland, WA writes:
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The 10 Commandments, Constitution, Declartion of Independence and Bill of Rights are the only "laws" this country should need. All else are false and unconstitutional or against God's laws.
Mar 15th, 2014
Someone from Woonsocket, RI signed.

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