STOP gassing in shelters, STOP heart-stick in shelters and STOP shelters from having drop off boxes.

STOP gassing in shelters, STOP heart-stick in shelters and STOP shelters from having drop off boxes.

We need law changes to protect shelter animals. NOW! This needs to be at the federal level! It is sad that those who represent us think we can possibly want this for our fury friends. It is unimaginable that those who represent us even write laws for these heinous acts to take place in shelters. It is horrific to think those who represent us have no heart, no compassion for other lives. It is bad enough you use our tax dollars to MURDER shelter animals. Do you have to be so BARBARIC about it!?

Gassed - to some that doesn't sound to bad - Wrong!

Here are the cold hard facts:

Picture this if you can

Two of the employees began pulling and tugging larger dogs toward the chamber -- this, in itself, was savage. The eyes of the dogs were full of fear as they were shoved into a large cylinder with another six dogs, all types. Next, five puppies were placed in the chamber.

Noise. Yelling. Fighting. All scared, they shivered again and again, their eyes huge, their nostrils flaring. They were completely bewildered. One dog in the chamber, a male chow mix about one year old, started snapping at the puppies. All the dogs and puppies were in a desperate struggle, and the gassing had yet to begin.

Then a button was pushed, and the two employees walked away as the chamber machine began pumping out streams of carbon monoxide. The little puppies started to paw at the glass window. After one full minute they started to whine and then produced a piercing squeal. Then the larger dogs started a high, mournful wailing, then a deeper howl that rose in great desperation for 45 seconds.

The time from inception of hell for the dogs and puppies, to the completion of their cries of desperation, was between two and six minutes.

Most times they push the button & walk away- it's to horrible to stay & hear the sounds


Another method of euthanizing is the heart-stick. This is an injection directly into the heart and very painful to the animal. Any animal being euthanized in this manner should first be sedated. This is not the case. They are being killed, by pushing this needle into the heart - sometimes missing the heart completely, and the animal dies a horribly, painful death.


Please take action and vote to protect these domestic animals, who are not property, but sentient beings, and there is some studies now indicating they may also be sapient.

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