An Act Requiring Communication Of Mammographic Breast Density Information To Patients

Women with Dense breasts are up to 5 times more likely to develop breast cancer

Breast Density Facts

2/3 of pre-menopausal and 1/4 of post menopausal women have dense breast tissue and many don't even know it.

Cancer is 5 times more likely in women with extremely dense breasts

A mammogram will find ONLY 48% of tumors in women with dense breast tissue (and therefore elude early detection)

Breast Density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography screening to detect cancer

Cancer recurrence is four times more likely with women with dense breasts.

The vast majority of women are utterly unaware of their own breast density. A May 2010 national survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 95% of women ages 40+ do not know their breast density and nearly 90% did not know it increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Why? Their Doctor's have never had a discussion with them about it because there is no set protocol.

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