Ammend Behaviorial Health Policy on MEB and Chapter 5-17

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, want to ammend the policy behind the medical review board and Article 5-17 for US Armed Forces Members.

It is our concern that service members facing the one year wait for referral for evaluation for a MEB may be risking their mental health and increasing their risk of suicide. Chapter 5-17 revokes te service members and their dependents rights to benefits such as tricare services. We are concerned with having to face the wait time and remaining in service and exposed to service related stressors that a service members suicide risk may be increased, but if the member is concerned with keeping the benefits he/she is entitled to by serving our country he/she must submit his/her self to this risk. We are requesting that the policy for Chapter 5-17 be ammended to allow a service member to kepp his/her benefits and that the wait time for referral to MEB be reduced and reviewed. Behaviorial Health Disorders and discharge are a person to person illness and not all members can safely wait for a MEB nor should they have to lose their benefits after serving for them honorably. Many service members who are affected by behaviorial health problems and the MEB versus Chapter 5-17 problem have recieved their behaviorial health problems as a direct result from serving the armed forces ex: PTSD.