americas second chance for its youth and economy

if americas economy needs a second chance its youth has to get one first


Barack Obama, asked about drug history, admits he inhaled - Americas - International Herald Tribune

By Katharine Q. Seelye

Published: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

PHOENIX, Arizona ? Senator Barack Obama, the Illinois Democrat who said Sunday that he was considering running for president in 2008, has created a little sunlight between himself and both Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For one thing, he said, "When I was a kid, I inhaled."

"That was the point," Obama told an audience of magazine editors.

The direct admission was in contrast to Bill Clinton's denial in his 1992 campaign for president that he had smoked marijuana.

"I didn't inhale," Clinton said, cementing the idea that he liked to have things both ways.

Obama had written in his first book, "Dreams From My Father" (1995), before entering politics, that he had used marijuana and cocaine ("maybe a little blow"). He said he had not tried heroin because he did not like the pusher who was trying to sell it to him.

In an interview here at a meeting of the American Society of Magazine Editors, Obama said he was not making light of the subject.

"It was reflective of the struggles and confusion of a teenage boy," he said. "Teenage boys are frequently confused."

After all this being said i would like to say!!!

Dear, President of the United States of America and or congressman of the U.S.

I Chad M. Barton have a message that may help resolve the economy and help America get back on its feet as well as give plenty of young Americans a second chance. I was 13 yrs of age when I sold marijuana to someone as well as gotten caught for possession twice. I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up at this age if I had known I wouldn?t be able to join the U.S. Armed Forces I would not have done it. My irresponsible actions were 12 yrs ago I was 13 then and I?m 25 now going on 26 yrs of age. I?ve gone to college for business administration since then and can?t find a job equal to my education standards. I have a less than 1one year old daughter that I can?t afford to keep health care on or try to keep food in her stomach and clothes on her back. I make $4.00 an hour plus tips with no insurance less than full time. If I could go back I would right now I?m trying everything in my power to join the military and cannot. However if President Obama or any of the U.S. congressman were to join me in my forward notion to get these young Americans a second chance and help to pass a law for people who have juvenile records and no adult criminal record with in 10 yrs of offenses should be able to get pardoned , exonerated , acquitted or automatically expunged as long as they join the military and only under those circumstances I would have a steady pay check that would circulate back into the economy I would get a sign on bonus most likely invested or put to buying a new car from bankrupt company there goes at least 15,000$$$ back into the economy I would get job training such as a diesel mechanic that could make me up to 30.00$$$ an hour in the civilian society which would go back into the economy especially if I opened up a mechanic shop and my college is paid for which gets me educated and pays the colleges money that all goes back into the economy all we need is that bill to passed for the people that really want to change America is begging for a second chance and so am I. I am America?s youth and Americas second chance but my only question is will America give me a second chance.

???Why Not???

If possible I would like to hear a reply to my ideas and questions I can be reached by e-mail, phone, or by U.S.P.S.

Mailing Address: Chad M Barton

2301 Hayes Rd. apt# 7014 Houston TX 77077


Phone: 859-481-0152

Sincerely, _________________________________2/12/2010