Americans Against Universal Healthcare.Title. This petition?s purpose is to let Congress know that a

I hereby declare my opposition to the creation of a government controlled healthcare industry. This bill would undermine my ability as an individual to choose without fear of coercion from governmental regulations the best plan available for myself and my family. I reject the notion that a governmental entity will have the power to determine all aspects regarding my health. The figures published by the CBO clearly show that I will have to be burdened economically once again with another tax increase to fund this proposed legislation. Bankrupting the economy in order to pass a politically motivated bill isn?t the solution to the current crisis caused by Medicaid and Medicare. Also, I adamantly object to the idea that senior citizens or those who are terminally ill will only option available to them is to decide how long they will remain alive, instead of helping them find the proper medication. Its insulting to expect doctors to perform their job to the best of their ability if their patient load grows astronomically as this bill would bring about. . I urge Congress to create a bill that clearly states the legislations' purpose instead of a 1,000 page document full of red tape and false promises. In future elections I will refuse to vote for my Representative or Senator if they choose to support a bill containing any of the above mentioned bureaucratic tactics. Congress needs to find a way to minimize the excessive cost of the welfare programs connected to health care that economically burdens tax payers not take over the health care industry.