Americans against same-sex marriages

Marriage was first established for the purpose of procreation, and should remain such, only between a man and a woman.

Recently in California, a Federal Judge in San Francisco decided to overturn a decision of the voters of this great State. Now I ask you, when did any person have the right to declare 52% of the people?s vote as ?unconstitutional?? We are first and foremost Americans! Furthermore, WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION, at least 75% of us anyway. Together, we do not belong to any World Order, who makes decisions for us. We do not ever want our rights to match with the ?world view,? but this is what is happening over and over again. Moreover, we do want our freedoms to be honored, and our votes at the polls to count, and we want our freedom of speech reinstated so we can declare our Christian principles without further discrimination. Please don?t let anyone overturn Proposition 8, and let marriage remain between a MAN and a WOMAN only! Thank you for your support.