American Jobs

Americans want and need jobs. The proposals by the government will not bring us jobs. Sign this petition and let them know how we want jobs

There are 14.8 million unemployed Americans. That number is an ?adjusted? number. It is STILL unacceptable. While congress has been focusing on healthcare reform millions of Americans have lost jobs and subsequently lost everything they have worked for their entire lives. Now the government says that roads and bridges and this high speed rail are going to put Americans back to work. I don?t believe this to be true.

Every road and bridge project I have seen has 90% illegal immigrants working on them. These are government projects and illegal immigrants are allowed to work on them. How is this helping Americans? These projects won?t help the auto mechanic, the electrician, the plumber, the carpenter, the accountant. All this is, simply, is big government giving to little government. There is NO real help in these projects.

Also congress is proposing a ?jobs creation bill?, again for these roads and bridges. 1.9 TRILLION dollars is being asked for while there is over a trillion dollars left from the first stimulus package AND the 650 billion paid back from the TARP fund. WHY? Why is the government asking for more money with funds still available? Why does it feel like the government is ripping the American people off? This has been going on for over a decade and it is time to STOP.

Foreigners can come to America and open a business easier than an American can. They can do it cheaper and with less interest on a loan. Why is this? Why can?t we get the same deals? If jobs for the American people is what government is really wanting then let us, the American people, have these type deals. Lower interest rates on business loans, lower cost or even grants to open or rebuild a business. Update hospitals and federal buildings. Update jails and build new nuclear power plants and clean coal plants. These are projects that will put Americans back to work.

Start enforcing the immigration laws. Too many illegal immigrants are taking jobs from the American people. Nothing is being done about this. Start fining companies who use illegal workers instead of American citizens. Start rewarding companies who use American labor and American products. Stop punishing American companies with outrageous taxes and start appreciating success. Don?t bring the upper class down bring the lower class up.

YES the bonuses that some executives get are insane. That needs to be addressed as well BUT do not punish them for being successful instead punish its failure. If a company is not careful with its finances and tries to cheat its employees punish them. Let them fail and reward the companies who create the jobs and are fiscally responsible. Do not reward failure and punish success. That is why so many companies are moving overseas. They become a success and the government punishes them. This is not how America is supposed to be.

Americans WANT JOBS. The majority of people are blue collar workers and what was outlined above and outlined again here will get us back to work. Once again let?s renovate and update hospit