American Family vs. U.S. Government

Who is responsible ? Who gets the money? Why not make sure we are giving it to our children? We can use it for future resources.

Trust is in our hands, we are the tax payers. What is becoming of us is certain to end soon and it is up to us to recover from this nightmare, and save our children and any future we might hope for.

The government economic reclaimation is happening today as we speak...the bail outs and the free money seems to declair us as strong and free with resources and future rebuilding after a crisis

but we nust claim it and as of is a window of opportunity.

Do not forsake this chance.

join together in this effort to reclaim our future! This is how we can do it... put a hold on government grant money. By signing you take back controll of your money. Demanding that we all be told what is to be done with it before it is given away so freeley to the same people who have had there hand sin it and caused the debt and crisis that is sure to befall America in this very period. With such crisis we are not going to be able to rely on these government departments to fix or help any of us. Look where we are has been put in the hands of these 'government entities' and failed us. May have created a wealth of opportunity and jobs and stability. Not at all in our interests. We have to see that this time around the horse comes before thwe cart..and we must do so now, before they take all our monety and run away with it. For proof just go to www.grants and you will find what it is all about. Greed...and it is up for grabs. but notice how the process is over in a matter of weeks, always aimed towards getting free money to help people out. They help those who help themselves, this is an evil fact. We made the money and can make the decision as to where it should be kept and how it shall be spent. Sorry you who feel it is better in the governments hands. they are handing it out to themselves. If you are not getting in on the billions than you are just one of the millions who will suffer. DCFS does not help children and family's , it tears them apart. So I suggest if you want to help build shelters. Ask your self does it serve to protect the children and can this better lives. The government is full of cracks that suck people in. do not be fooled ..the strength is in our hands and busy at work they are taking it as we speak in the following days you all decide if we are going to just let this happen. PLEASE SIGN and tell others to sign. WE have klittle time but GOD is on our side and in our time we are in controll. dont give it all up, make a stand! Be counted. We are many, we muust fight, but now!

We believe that any money that is going to these government departments should be reserved for the children.