America united for the recovery of the US economy

Create jobs and inject billions of dollars into the economy WOUT adding to the National Debt

The issue today is the economy. I propose that we should adapt the old "war bonds" program into a "Stimulus Bonds" program thereby raising billions of dollars without borrowing from the Federal Reserve at interest to undertake the monumental construction of an eventual coast-to-coast high-speed railway system. This proposal would create much needed jobs and inject billions of dollars directly into the US economy without adding to the National Debt. Such a railway system would have a positive impact on the environment, offer a reasonable alternative to airline travel, and create a much needed evacuation system nationwide in the event of a disaster. This would also offer an alternative means of transporting large numbers of Military troops should the need arise. The United States of America is falling behind. China already has the longest High Speed Rail network with more than 4,600 miles of routes in service. The Chinese government has recognized the benefits of such an undertaking and has a stimulus program in place to expand their already impressive network to more than 8,000 miles by 2012 and nearly 10,000 miles by 2020. This would be an ongoing, long-range stimulus program that every American can support without navigating the controversial waters of war support.