America c2c - Citizens for Freedom - Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy for Allowing Another Terrorist Attack on USA soil

1.This effort is designed to take a stance about the duty of our government to protect us from harm with special emphasis on a major terrorist attack occurring on our soil. We?re calling this our ?Zero Tolerance Policy.? We?re asking citizens and members of Congress to sign on to this.

2.After years of close observation & study of current events we believe that there is a strong possibility for an attack on America?s soils in the near future ? an attack of unprecedented destruction.

3.The discovery of Zazi is not proof that our intelligence is thorough enough or even adequate. Washington leadership has handcuffed our intel. community making it much more difficult for our dedicated professionals to discover, communicate and stop plots against America in a timely manner. Of particular concern is funneling intelligence through the White House which could result in a delay on appropriate action.

4.Our military is spread too thin. Defense spending remains below historical levels despite the War on Terror. The TARP expense is almost twice the current defense budget. Military spending is the one thing that always positively affects our economy. It could be argued increasing military spending would have a much better recovery effect than TARP.

5.Defense budget must be increased for terrorist intelligence on land with strengthening the FBI & CIA. Naval surveillance of National and International waters off our shores must increase. Our Reserve Fleet should be reactivated at once to intervene and stop major attacks by sea. Defense spending, even with the ongoing Iraq and Afghan Wars, has been on the decline since 1986 (% GDP). The TARP expense is almost twice the current defense budget.

6.Technological advances by countries known to disrespect the U.S.A. lead us to believe that there is a real & present danger of attacks by WMD. The choices available to our enemies are many. Preventing such attacks requires diligence in every part of the national security apparatus, & all law enforcement agencies at our disposal.

7.A WMD or its components could already be on our soil, & could be detonated anywhere at any time. This demands our sole attention. There?s more attention given to secondary priorities such as health care & TARP than national security. Our enemies are intractable, ruthless & relentless in their desire to kill Americans & bring down our nation putting an end to liberty and freedom.

8.We ask, ?What?s more important, health care or national defense?? Dead people don?t need health care. Without freedom all other priorities vanish!

9.We are not nation builders, we are freedom builders. Our system of freedom lifted more people out of poverty than any other political or economic system in the World since man walked the earth. Preserving and protecting this system from those who would physically harm us is the first & foremost duty assigned to the Office of President.

10.Mr. President, your first & foremost charge as Commander and Chief is to protect and preserve the Republic and its Constitution. Sir, we hold you personally responsible for upholding our laws, protecting our traditions and our culture; and most of all, sir, we hold you responsible for overseeing the defense of America - against all enemies, foreign & domestic. Nothing else is more important.