Amend/Abolish the child support agenda

“. . . In 1973, The Hague Convention on Recognition and Enforcement established an international view of cooperation in the enforcement of child support orders. In 1974, apparently lacking any sense of coincidence, Senator Russell Long “perceived a connection” between “fathers who abandon their children” and a growth in AFDC spending. This led to the original federal child support and paternity legislation enacted in January 1975 (17). Among other things, child support enforcement services were required for families receiving assistance under AFDC, FC, and Medicaid programs. (18)

The welfare community did not favor the legislation and only a few Senators spoke in favor of it. When it passed, it did so at least in part because it was tied to more popular social service amendments. When passing the legislation, President Ford contended that the provisions went “too far by injecting the Federal Government into domestic relations.” He complained of “serious privacy and administrative issues,” and promised to propose legislation to correct defects.

This law should be abolished and/or amended. The child support laws criminalizes black fathers. Fathers should no longer be jailed for child support payments. Interest should no longer accrue, and the government has no right to enforce interest accrual.

A person shall not be imprisoned for debt on a writ of execution or other process issued from a court of the United States in any State wherein imprisonment for debt has been abolished.
28 U.S. Code § 2007 - Imprisonment for debt | U.S. Code | US .

Fathers should not have their possessions taken, or drivers licenses suspended. Their cars are taken, as well as their taxes to name a few. Fathers should not have their checks garnished. Fathers should not be jailed for child support payment where they are put in a position to become sodomized. Some Fathers have experienced degrading experiences while being locked up, and this has to mental issues . These laws have put hardship on fathers. How are Fathers able to survive with punishments this harsh? Child support is a family matter, not a governmental matter. If the USA supports DACA children and takes care of illegal immigrant children who have fathers, who pay no child support, then why are American men subjected to these harsh penalties. Oftimes, children would rather spend time with their fathers, especially if the father is unable to pay child support. Ironically, nowhere in this child support legislation are fathers given the right to visit their children, or have share custody. This law was put into place for political gain, by Bill Clinton and while he was hollering the "deadbeat dad" agenda. This was done for campaign purposes, and for some politicians to gain. There were only 3% of the men were not taking care of their children. There was no rhyme or reason for a child support law, and surely not one this harsh and intolerable. Another example of a law that has done more harm than good.

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