Petition to bring parole back to non violent drug offenders

On behalf of many families with loved ones who is in fed. Prison. With non violent drug offenders charges. Doing 20 40 years or even more. I feel the first act step is the first step for these families but should not be the only step. I also believe that counseling and drug classes which is offered is also a very good thing. But I think parole for the ones that are showing every step that they are trying to prove they are improving by going to these classes and not getting in to trouble should be able to have the chance at parole. I think it's cruel for the ones that are trying. To not get the chance to prove themselves..i begging to bring back the parole for fed inmates with non violent drug offence, it went out in the 1980's and it's fixing to be 2020.there are kids and grandkids visiting their parents and grandparents behind bars.older parents who aren't really able to visit their sons or daughters,but do because life is short. If these people can show good time and be on their best behavior,and learn a trade and a diploma.they should get the chance at parole in fed. Prison...thank you Tonya zeigler
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