Dear President Donald J. Trump, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen, and all government leaders below you at all Federal, State, City, County, Town, Village levels;


President Trump, works for free! He gives up his entire salary each year to the U.S. Treasury! President Trump is an American Citizen and does the greatest job ever as President of the United States of America. Please visit these two links below clearly supporting this fact.


It is extremely unfair, illegal, morally and ethically horrible as well as unjustified to refuse to allow President Trump's the same right and privilege of every other American Business. Is he not an American too? Does he not have many employees who are impartial and in most all cases unrelated to him, who have families, bills, obligations etc., of which are devastated and substantially negatively affected by Covid 19 Corona Virus? Unfairly interpreting such law or having a law which refuses to allow a President to apply for such assistance, is not only clearly illegal it is extremely unfair to the American People, because it will discourage many very well qualified people from applying for or pursuing the U.S. Presidency or similar governmental positions.

He owned the Trump Organization long before becoming President. It was common knowledge. It wasn't like he created the Trump Organization after becoming President and even if he did the constitution would allow him to apply for the same grants, loans, programs available and accessible as they are to every other American Business and Citizen. Here is a related article from The Hill outlining exactly what we are referring to.

The present law on the books claiming or being interpreted to disallow President Trump and all his organizations to apply for stimulus bill grants etc., for Covid 19 or any other similar disaster is unconstitutional and needs to be amended and changed immediately. The present laws are wrong in every sense of the legal word. Every second you fail to amend such law and continue to refuse President Trump, his organizations, and the many hard working dedicated employees from receiving stimulus support, you are committing an egregious, immoral, and illegal act upon President Trump, his organization, his many innocent employees, and the citizens of the United States of America!

President Trump, on behalf of the American citizens and all moral people of this world, we apologize for these horrible individuals of which are blatantly mistreating you with respect to this matter and many other issues in the past, present, and future. Furthermore, We the American People, give you full permission and are in agreement with you to kindly, forthwith apply for all such loans you believe you qualify for and should these horrible representatives or agencies deny you, We the American People fully and completely support you and your organizations to bring all matters to the U.S. Supreme Court to make a legal determination of which we personally believe will clearly be in your favor.

President Trump, once again we apologize to you for these horrible individuals doing nothing good for America or the World by constantly harassing or obstructing the great things you are doing! Rest assured! God Almighty is watching their every step and as with this matter is surely not pleased!

We thank you for hearing the heart & soul of American citizens and look forward to these steps mentioned above and many others not mentioned being implemented immediately by you to ensure total fairness and equality to you, your organization and great employees, as well as many others who might be in this same position as you in the years to come! Keep up the awesome work you are doing despite the evil people against you! #MAGA #KAG

The American People

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