Domestic terrorists & deprivation of rights

my name is michael john poziemski,
for the last year and 9 months i have been under 24/7 microwave and Rf radiation attacks. DOD directive s-3321.1 (Havana syndrome) microwave auditory, electronic harassment and tone and frequency manipulation (source audio : neuro presets ) cloning my devices (using android and apple kit tech) and digitally vandalizing hundreds of my art pieces i sell to provide an income for myself and small family. when this began, like most target cases it starts with a neighbor or someone above or below the target (myself) yelling threats or creating heavy disturbances to create a line of confusion and tension between they and myself. i have lived in the upper flat of the duplex i still reside in for what is now my 8th fall(autumn)… a year and 9. months ago k___A___ moved in (single mother) however i don’t believe the child is hers but was told by a federal officer it could possibly be a decoy to mislead myself and the very few she came into contact with in the surrounding area during her leased residency below me in unit 1. odd behaviors led to screams all night, blasting music, thrashing belongings, having their decoy child run from one end of the house to the other from 7 am to 830 pm , down to the child and she screaming for one another implying they were in some trouble with the child’s father (all staged).. saying “sorry we’re loud neighbors”and lastly, death threats yelled up to my level of the home through their ceiling. upon actions to notify the landlords, she willingly moved out on her own and once she left the 6-8 men whom act in pairs on a schedule began harassing and torturing me 24/7 with no desire to stop. as i type this to you, (they taking great pleasure in this) they are blasting my ear drums with HIGH pitched tones and screams and laughs to get me to stop. it feels like my brain is bleeding out my ears. i em forced to hear them not only harass me about every single thing i do but em also told my younger sister is going to be raped and in some ways use voice over programs that have female voices designed to trick my brain into thinking the girl seemingly being raped in my ears all day is my sister. they not only attack me but my partner of 5 years (they forced me to separate from) by hitting his intestines with radiation (he has blood in his stool) to bind up his bowels leading to severe constipation which will lead to diverticulitis. they use tone generators to deviate my train of thought and deprive me of my bodily functions (each organ has a tone that can be used to deny someone access to their own bodily functions)… some instances they have held my urine in my body for 8-9 hours at a time demanding i apologize (for wasting their time) or i will not be allowed to release.
they also pelt my lungs with pulse modulated wave forms to inhibit my lung functions. making it so i can’t breathe and in their words pass out. they also hit anyones intestines that comes to visit me causing flatulence and in some instances made my guests go to the bathroom on themselves to force humiliation so that guests won’t come back. i have had a migraine for the entire time this has been happening to me and several months prior to what i call first contact where they began to vocally attack. Prior to vocal (speech) they illegally eve’s dropped and recorded ambient sounds in and around my home to use later in psychological attacks, finding out they had been doing this for well over a year before first vocal attack.
at night if i sleep as i am constantly kept awake (because they want me to look bad or to wear out my brain to more easily attack me… or so that i come across as some strung out drug user regardless of the fact that i don’t smoke, drink or do any drugs) with the tones and screams and ridiculous illegal interrogations by these domestic terrorists. all to isolate me so that all i will know is their abuse. sometimes i em dosed with just below the lethal amount of radiation for 6-8 hours all night every night (i have evidence of this) and if i’m fortunate enough, i pass out from the radiation. they have forced my partner and i to separate, forced me into a place of isolation, made it so that i can’t provide an income for my household. they use a gear control modulation system after hacking into my vehicle‘s cpu and have thrown my car into the wrong gears while i’m driving on the freeway and continue every time i drive. (telling me i brought this on myself and that i don’t deserve the vehicle i have worked very hard to have) they use hypnosis : subliminal repetition on me making it feel like my vehicle’s seat is moving up and down or that peripheral images are coming at me, as they tell my subconscious to take my foot off and on the petal to burn up gas during a gas shortage. not that i am special but this entire process could not only kill me but countless others if i were to collide with anything on the freeway. multiple families would fall victim to these horrible people and their need to feel powerful. they are using infrasound to blur my vision so i will stop typing this plea to you… the worst part of all this is they attack and torture my cat including sexually. they yell that they are hitting her private areas with emps and use the chip in her neck as a form of punishment zapping singnals at her brain constantly. you can hear the snaps when they hit her and her screams which i have never heard a cat scream til now. they forcer her to stay awake not allowing her to rest by zapping her awake. i’m not even sure if my beautiful cat has made a decision for herself in over a year. my cat has never had cat nip and is very healthy.. she is very loving and my cat is scared now to take her own steps because of the snaps and zaps she gets because they want me to get rid of her because they say i don’t deserve love or companionship in anyway because im homosexual.
i have video evidence of the cat being attacked and the loud snap the zap makes as she yells and runs from a dead sleep like someone slapped her on the face to wake her up.
the have used microwave radiation to burn my body. i have photo evidence and dr notes saying they are indeed radiation burns. i have spit mouthfuls of blood out and sometimes even have blood in my stool also from this. i am being slowly killed. they are doing all this to augment me to an app they want to sell on the black market as a human trafficking nft. to be apart of some torture digi-pet program that thousands across the country are being forced into a unrealistic level of meta slavery. they have multiple sites and applications they have made turning the personal attacks on me into a point system gaming experience for they and other terrorists to partake in. they are illegally accessing info to falsely satisfy software bounties to fund their soulless terrorism and meta slavery. i have documents to prove this as well. they have hacked into my devices using microwave auditory effect and neural linguistics that creates a synthetic telepathic link between myself and a computation system that robs me of every single thought, action and visual i see. they use hypnosis and subliminals on me non stop that keep me from providing an income for myself as they anchor down my subconscious mind so that my physical self can’t respond or do the things i choose to do. i don’t know what having a nap or a quiet moment to myself even feels like anymore. for telling you this they will surely attack me more intensely but at this point i’m used to it. Multiple constitutional laws are being broken by these men and they are not only aware but think it’s hilarious that i even mention the constitution at all. i am a digital artist and they have destroyed hundreds of my art works by way of cloning and digital vandalism. they have gained access to passwords through illegal phishing methods and delete emails and any form of legal help or help in general that i could possibly reach for. i will undoubtedly have a barricade between your reply and myself..

these meta human traffickers have listeners they rope into this by telling them i am criminal or worse.
my record is without a charge and i wouldn’t break the law or harm someone even if i could. they tell me
to kill myself every day. i will not harm myself either. i have gained access to the basics of their slave (puppet) coding files which i can provide to you. as well as major companies involved in this data robbing fundamental rights deprivation nightmare. there is much more i can share, they are making this very difficult for me. i don’t think at the rate they are subjecting me that i will have much of a life left to salvage but don’t let others end up with the same fate.