Demand for Congressional Hearings on MMTPL Stock Fraud by Market Particpants

Over 100,000 hard working Americans have lost tens of millions of dollars due to the policies stated, and unstated, of FINRA and the DTCC, and the possible illegal conduct of their brokers. Many of these innocent shareholders have already lost their life's savings; lost their college funds for their kids; are losing their homes to foreclosure and have been emotionally scarred because of this fiasco. These are your constituents and they rely on Congressional oversight over the agencies and quasi-agencies it creates, and in this case, to protect investors (them), but the securities system Congress created has been manipulated by its market participants from within for too long (hedge funds, market makers, clearing houses, brokers and dealers) causing immeasurable losses to not only to MMTLP shareholders, but to millions of shareholders that have invested billions of dollars in the US public markets in general. MMTLP is but an example, a very large example, on how the system can be manipulated from within and then institutional wrongdoing covered up without any accountability. Demand is made upon Congress and the White House to immediately conduct emergency oversight hearings into the actions of the market participants, including FINRA, and the DTCC into their handling of MMTLP's stock. MMTLP is not an isolated issuer or an isolated incident. MMTLP represents systemic internal problems in our securities markets that is now being exposed and must be rectified by Congress on an emergency basis.