Elder Senior Court

Dear President Trump,

Why is Elder Financial Abuse exploding with over 10,000,000 + victims annually?

Elders and Seniors are getting scammed and financially destroyed across the nation.

There are 50,000,000 + Elder/Senior (65+) Americans. 1 in 10 is a victim of Elder Financial Abuse, Fraud, Exploitation and undue influence. That’s over 10,000,000+ victims annually.

With over 8 + Million Veterans, 10 + Million Alzheimer’s/Dementia and other Mental/Physical Health Disabilities, 1 + Million facing or are homeless, 175,000 Holocaust Survivors.

Elders/Seniors are a much easier target, since the aging process and related disabilities provide a vulnerability which is then exploited and abused.

Our vulnerable Elders/Seniors are being targeted by sophisticated scammers, Predators and unscrupulous lawyers.

Unfortunately, our current regular civil/family courts are not up to date with the latest scams nor trained with a focus on Elder/Senior laws, rights and programs. ( Especially; Veterans, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Holocaust Survivors and those facing homelessness ).

Stealing from vulnerable Elders/Seniors is a criminal offense, however, currently it is mostly viewed as a civil matter and is deflected to a civil lawyer instead of being criminally prosecuted. The problem is that civil lawyers require $5k-$10k just to get started and then quickly becomes very expensive which further compounds the pain and suffering of the Elders or they just cannot even get a lawyer. Free Legal help? If their Social Security is $1,300 or more, they are above the qualifying low income thresh hold.

We need an Elder Senior Court, just like juvenile court and other specialty collaborative courts now, every day that goes by, thousands of Elder/Seniors are losing their home and lifesavings.

By simply assigning 1 court room in every court house that will be dedicated to our 65+ citizens, with a Specifically trained judge and clerk who will be up to date with all the latest scams, case laws and Elder Protective programs.

This “one court room” solution will handle all cases related and effecting all (65+) and will provide proper and effective adjudication. It will also serve as a deterrent for would be predators, as repeat scammers would be in the same court room and the same judge when attempting to scam other Elders.

We need to send a loud and clear message; “Please stop stealing from our elders or you will be prosecuted.”

The time has come, 2132208669.

On behalf of over 50,000,000 + Americans, please approve and establish the Elder Senior Court in every court house across the USA.

Thank you,
Guy Hart
Chief Advocate and Co-Founder

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