Do not even think about having a national vaccine database. Censorship is killing more people than anything else at the moment.

If it weren’t for censorship, people would know that:

1. The virus and vaccines were designed for depopulation.
2. The vaccines are dangerous for pregnant women and their babies. and and
3. The vaccines have nanotechnology, which makes people trackable, and graphene oxide, which makes people magnetic. (This is also in the patents.) 5G, in combination with these vaccines, can be used to kill people immediately. In addition to death, the graphene oxide increases the likelihood of heart problems and cancer.
4. The vaccines cause extreme damage to the immune system, which increases the likelihood of people getting sick with viruses, AIDS, and even cancer.
5. The vaccines change DNA.
6. Dr. Andreas Noack discovered that tiny, usually undetectable metal fragments are in the vaccines, and these can slice into blood vessels, which will likely kill the individual immediately. Unfortunately, this doctor WAS MURDERED, and the original video HAS BEEN REMOVED.
7. Graphene oxide can go to the brain, causing severe problems.
8. There are parasitic lifeforms in at least some of the vaccines.
9. This is tyranny.
10. There are many ways the vaccines can kill you.
11. The vaccines are dangerous for athletes.
12. The vaccines can kill or incapacitate pilots, endangering all passengers in the aircraft.
13. The swabs used for testing (whether PCR or not) are dangerous.