Removal of Joe Biden from office.

Joe Biden has been in office for 68 days and America has suffered for it. An unmanageable crisis at the border, unemployment beginning to skyrocket, foreign nations public ally challenging the president to debate, new fears of more military deployments to the Middle East, gasoline prices up 70 cents a gallon and more than 100 million Americans who do not recognize Joe Biden as legitimate nor that he is up for the job. The latest public appearance in his press conference last week was the final straw for may Americans across this country and stationed abroad. His inability to process coherent thoughts, or even respond to pre-prepared questions where he was given the talking points to read was a blazing red flare shot across the sky to the world that Joe Biden is not only feeble minded but has no ability nor does he project any authority other than that of a innocent child. Joe Biden is mentally and physically unfit for office and every minute the democrat party attempts to prop him up as legitimate is costing America international standing and respect for our country. I urge the house and the senate to do the right thing for this country and have Joe Biden removed immediately from office.