enact a new law of death penalty

the issue is abusive police brutality and use of excessive police force. We the people request that the above mentioned houses in our government to make it a criminal offense that is there shall be a mandated penalty of death to any police officer to shoot, pressing on the neck, taser, or any other weapon used on an unarmed suspect or victim of police brutality. The death penalty for that officer(s)shall not be reduced from death to some other penalty less than death. Upon use of deadly force wherein the innocent unarmed victim/suspect dies, the death penalty shall be a mandatory penalty to that officer or officers. The officer shall not be excused merely because he said that "he feared for his life" from and unarmed victim or suspect, then use deadly force on the unarmed victim/suspect. No excuse of "I thought he/she had a weapon". We the people ask Congress to oppose or support the position.
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