Act Now for Ukraine Orphans

On behalf of the 300 Ukraine orphans who were in the process of being adopted by American families on the day the Russian invasion began, we urge you to act now to protect these children.

Many of these 300 children have already been to the US, hosted in the homes of the American families that intend to adopt them. All of these children can be best protected in the homes of their future adoptive families in America, as opposed to living in a war zone, refugee camp, or other temporary institutional setting. A family setting, where the children are known and loved, is the single best tool for child-protection and child welfare available.

We believe that US government must:

1) immediately issue a formal invitation for these 300 children to Minister Maryna Lazebna of the Ukraine Ministry of Social Policy to authorize their temporary placement with the American families until they can be safely returned and their adoption process can resume in Ukraine; and

2) immediately grant temporary nonimmigrant visas for these 300 children to allow them to enter the United States in the care of the US families that seek to adopt them when it is safe and ethical to do so, and that have committed to temporarily care for them in the interim.

Please act urgently for these children and families so that they may come together.