Expel Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez From Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a toxic member of Congress who fails to show any signs of being qualified to hold the position she's in.
She has no understanding in the government structure (are we really allowing something this basic slide?)
She openly has no understanding of our current laws.
Clearly, she just wants to see President trump fail. When a president who wants to do what's best for the country and its people, he is not the only one that fails. We all come down.
She wants to appeal to lower class minorities by claiming to be part of us, but has been caught lying about it.
If she opens her mouth for at most 10 minutes, it is clear she does not have the most basic knowledge in regards to economics. Are we really letting someone like her be in one of the most important positions in the country? This is absolutely ridiculous.

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