Fighting cps

I'm asking to stop cps they have put my kids up for adoption and I had did everything they asked and still doing it they took my services away they ain't doing there job right there are kids out there that need help im a good mom and my husband his a really good father he also done everything and continue to do the same parenting and substance abuse class they recently took my two babies away from me because my husband was sick taking medicine and he came out positive for the medicine he was taking we showed them out proof and they still did what what they did I feel like they didn't do there job right I want my kids home with me I also did a psych evaluation and that is a bias report social workers went in first spoke to him and then he already had it in his head what to write down so the judge is going based off of that the other psych evaluation I did she just said I was depressed from not having my kids with me there my best friends that all I ask is for some one to help me get my kids back and stop cps there wrong and I have been watching alot of stuff that has been happening with families that have a cps case and something happens to their kids and it's wrong in all kinds of ways so again me and my husband jumped threw tunnels for them and I still don't have any of my kids I been going threw this for 3 years I also the whole time drug testing for them and I always came out clean and they still took my parently rights away...please take cps down all they do is tear families apart instead of helping us and they didn't even look are investigating my case all the way I had a clean home food and my kids has everything and still moved my kids...
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