Accountability for false allegations to CPS in the State of NJ

I raise a petition for the State of NJ and all over the Country to start holding accountability of jail time for those who claim false allegations to Child and Protective Services for child custody advantage. False allegations turn families and childrens lives upside down, also gives the person that falsely allegates the the advantage over the other party in any custody case and causes separation of the child/children, and until claim is investigated, which could be up to atleast a year , without involvement in the child’s life, and thousands of dollars spent by the State and the party that the claim is against. Once the original claim is found to be terminated without support of abuse then again allegation after allegation can still be investigated and becomes a never ending witch hunt to an innocent party including financial and emotional devastation takes control. This is a broad reason on why it has become a scandalous game in the system, the family courts, CPS with a false reporting the system in a whole looks at you like a monster and your guilty until proven innocent the system falls bias without no fault of its own. It is simply a toxic combination for an innocent parent losing parental custody and rights. I can attest because it happened to my family. I am a grandmother and had been falsely allegated, all claims terminated in family court, I would sincerely request to have this case investigated as an example to educate law makers and Congress on the corruption and to hold an accuser accountable. I write to Congress to support my Plea. Thank you!

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