abusive father abandonds me and his 5 year old for 4 years rapes me then makes a fake felony charge i had dropped now cyf took my kid gave to him shes being abused all my rights violated

my name is Barbara Renfro ive been a single mom 17 years, never had any issues. i have a five year old to Jared Banks up until 3 months ago owed 5 grand in back support never saw his child or supported her. he raped me Dec 7 2021 and immediatly after said i broke into his home i was able to prove he lied 60 days ago his mom called cyf on me my caseworker violated all my rights took my 5 year old placed her w the father i told my caseworker bout the rape she didnt tell judge but told the father, the father has violated my rights beats me i have numeros pfas domestic reports on his there was no investigation hes had hr 60 days wont let me see or talk to her she shows signs of mental physical sexual abuse my 17 year witness to rape im 9 months pregnant to that man and they wont help me my caseworker wont check on my kid wont return calls i have proof him breakin in my home abusing us in 60 days hes done damage to my 5 year old nobody will help me please help me 412 588-5462, hes beat me for years i have proof he violated so many rules please help me get my baby before he kills us. he took all my money phone so i cant get help hes climb through my window does drugs in front of her ignores her he has a history of anger my baby crying for me help me. his name is jared banks he has a violent past