Abuse of Title IX Funds at Johns Hopkins University

Our top nations colleges and universities for so long have taken tax payers money in many forms but with little accountability. They have used their power individually and collectively (through their unions) to silence students or people who raise issues with how Title IX funds are being utilize.

I was expelled for challenging the refund process. They consider me a threat, denied me access to advisers and due process, organized a Kangaroo court where a decision to expel was taken. The Dean of students was pressured to deny appeal. The board member called blacks and African students uncivilized. There was total display of sexism (I am a man) and racism (I am black with African root) throughout the so-called disciplinary process. There is also clear violation of my FERPA privacy right throughout the entire process.

As part of my multi-prong approach to bring this to the attention of the public, I want Congress and the Executive to take a second look of how Title IX funds and the disbursement, and all the issue raise in this petition.

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