Abolishment of United States Government

I am asking Congress, and the entire United States Government (i.e. USA Corporation), to support the abolishment of itself, to save our country from complete destruction. Our 41st Congress committed treason, when it created a parallel Constitution on February 21, 1871, known as the Organic Act of 1871. Our President at the time, Ulysses S. Grant, also knowingly committed treason by signing it into law. Every law since, has been illegal. This, not only happened in the United States, but in other countries also. This act gave gave control of its people, back to England. Every Congress since, has committed treason for knowing that these actions had taken place. We the People, claim our rights back, claim our sovereignty, and declare our United States Government (USA Inc.) invalid. We lay claim to control of our country, not to overthrow, but to claim what was overthrown by the 41st Congress in 1871. We no longer recognize the United States Government as legitimate. We ask that those in government resign immediately, to save yourself from being arrested.