Abolish Leftist Indoctrination From our Academic Institutions

Colleges used to once be a place of free discourse, where students freely expressed their opinions and learned from their peers. Nowadays, colleges have become leftist indoctrination centers, institutions which deliberately brainwash our children. Professors actively teach political opinions as facts, distorting the worldview that our children will gain. Fascism is taught to be a right wing movement, Trump is compared to Hitler, our students are taught that there are multiple genders, science is ignored to perpetuate the murder of the unborn, religion is scorned, and our Judeo-Christian values are under attack. Our students no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance, slavery is taught to be the only cause of the Civil War, Republicans are demonized, and students are forbidden, often under the threat of expulsion, to speak freely. Our solution is that we should federally defund those institutions which readily indoctrinate students, regardless of in which manner. Free speech zones need to be obliterated from all public institutions and professors must be barred from giving lower grades to students with whom they disagree politically.
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