A Superior TBI Treatment Protocol for our Veterans Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Department of Defense and the Defense and Veteran's Brain Injury Center estimate that 22% of all combat casualties from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). They further estimate that 60%-80% of soldiers who have blast injuries also have traumatic brain injuries.

Most VA treatments for chronically debilitated TBI patients involve pharmaceutical drugs, occupational and physical rehabilitation, speech, and cognitive maintenance with limited long-term therapeutic benefit. As a result, TBI patients resign to merely manage their condition or begin a slow decline of cognitive or motor function leading to depression or even suicide.

Today's VA treatments for TBI do not actually heal the brain but simply address post-concussive symptoms. Most of these current VA treatments for vets and active military fail to correct memory or cognitive challenges, fail to enhance quality of life, and do not prevent depression and suicide.

However, a new, superior TBI treatment protocol has been developed, patented by TBI Therapy, LLC. This TBI treatment protocol is currently being researched with promising long-term benefits on active military and veterans with TBI. Combined with an extensive follow-up program (from Leader 193), this innovative TBI treatment protocol is set up to ensure true behavioral change is achieved and stays cemented after the brain begins healing from the effects of TBI.

This call to action is to bring awareness to members of Congress and the President of the United States of a new protocol superior to the VAs standard treatments to potentially heal the brain from the post-concussive effects of TBI. This petition constitutes a call to action for Congress to mandate adequate research funding into TBI Therapy and Leader 193's protocols for treatment of current and former military service members suffering from TBI.