A stimulus plan for the average American

Getting this country moving forward using the percolate up theory

We the people of the United States acknowledge the efforts made by the President and Congress, in their efforts to stimulate the economy and put citizens back to work.

However, all of these efforts have been targeted mostly at the finance industries, and the corporate sector and more importantly, hundreds of billions of taxpayers dollars have been doled out to the aforementioned without any input or consent by the taxpayers who are affected most by this depression.

The one program that did directly affect the everyday taxpayer and showed positive results (the klunker program) was alloted a paltry three (3) billion dollars and then contrast, the financial industry has received at least a trillion dollars and the everyday American is still being refused financing, credit card rates are ballooning and the industry is still "partying hearty."

Therefore, we, the American people propose that the following steps be taken to stimulate economic growth:

1. Congress and the President would reinstitute the "Klunker Program" and expand it to include high ticket appliances, such as stoves, washers/dryers, refrigerators/freezers, a one hundred dollar ($100.00) credit per five hundred dollar ($500.00) purchase (a $1500.00 refrigerator would receive a $300.00 credit.) As in the Klunker program, the government would reimburse the retailer the credit amounts.

2. Congress and the President would sign a Mortgage Holiday bill, as outlined at:

3. Congress and the President would review the more than eight hundred (800) overseas military bases, many of which are of WWII relativity and shut those bases down and reassign/reopen military bases in the United States.

4. Reinstitute and enforce strict E-verify rules and statutes to work in this country...step up enforcement of laws and penalties to companys, businesses, corporations, farmers etc, who hire illegal workers.