A declaration of Grievances

The Citizens of these United States of America do hold, as long as we have, that certain truths are self evident and worthy of remembrance.

First, we note that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among which we find Life, Liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.
Additionally, we recognize that Governments are instituted among men for the securement of their rights, Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Indeed, we as a nation are founded upon the premise that when any government which by a long train of abuses and usurpations has become destructive to the natural and reserved rights of its citizens, it is both the right and the duty of that people to alter or abolish that government and institute in its stead one which seems more likely to affect their continued liberty and happiness.
It is oft the plight of free men that with the passage of many years, Liberty will yield herself in patient quietude to the multiplied chains of servitude, despotism and tyranny until the weight of these chains becomes an unbearable grievance to the dignity of the human soul. Such has been and continues to be the unfortunate state of the American People.
Civility dictates that a people endowed with the means to do so, ought justly to petition their government for redress of grievances. Presently we offer in petition this list of grievances requiring redress, in the steadfast hope that on this occasion Liberty with the Constitutional and Just rights of the American Citizen will again prevail to elevate us above the nations of this Earth.

1 The officers of government have heaped tax upon tax, continually increasing the burden of the people to fund programs contrary to the interests of their constituents. 
2 They have set themselves up as oligarchs, establishing themselves without limit on the number of their successive terms. 
3 They have indebted this nation beyond what the citizens are able to pay, in effect taxing future generations unrepresented. 
4 They have enslaved themselves to a small number of media conglomerates, accepting large corporate campaign donations while pushing legislation that allowed the expansion and consolidation of said conglomerates while reducing opportunities for free expression in the press.
5 They have built up a large standing military while reducing both the power and the reputation of the people's militia. 
6 They have passed and enforced acts contrary to the constitutionality reserved right of free speech. 
7 They have passed and enforced acts contrary to the reserved right of the people to bear arms of any type. 
8 They have evinced a design to disallow the free exercise of religion in public institutions such as schools. 
9 They have openly entered into proxy wars, in order to set up governments sympathetic to certain political ideologies, contrary to the law of nations and the ideals of national sovereignty. 
10 They have impressed free American citizens to fight and die unjustly in these same wars.
11 They have unilaterally violated hundreds of treaties made on behalf of the American people, violating the constitutional supremacy of treaties subjecting said people needlessly to the horrors of war. 
12 They have allowed individual states to create and enforce laws violating the constitution of the United states. 
13 They have illegally spied on the citizens of the United states and continue to do so. 
14 They have conducted illegal and unethical experiments upon the citizens of this land without consent.
15 Judges have been allowed to reinterpret the meaning of constitutional provisions according to personal philosophies rather than enforcing the explicit text of the constitutions of the United states and the several states. 
16 They have burdened the people with the redundant costs of multiple agencies sharing jurisdiction. 
17 They have created acts which give appointed officials the power to make laws.
18 They have voted their own salaries and emoluments increased without the consent of the people or the states being represented. 
19 The federal and state governments have in time of peace enforced restrictions on the free movement of citizens between states, contrary to the founding principles of personal liberty. 
20 The governing bodies have allowed criminal destruction of property to persist while punishing those who attempt to defend themselves, their property and the rights of other fellow citizens by constitutionally guaranteed means. 
These and many grievances besides may be enumerated against the civil powers to which the People of the United States have granted authority to act on our behalf. With this document, we remind the governmental powers in place, that all acts of legislation which act to rein in or usurp the rights and liberties which the American People have reserved unto themselves in the Constitution of the United States and the Constitutions of the states respectively, or which are in fact beyond the purview of their ascribed powers in the same are Null and Void, and may be held as such by the citizens of this nation. We therefore request that such acts of pretended legislation be removed as soon as they may be discovered, and that the above listed grievances be considered and proper remedial action be taken so that order might again prevail in America.

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