A call for Speaker Pelosi to relinquish the Speakership

I call upon all citizens and public officials, of sound mind and judgement, to sign this petition to have Speaker of the House Nancy Pepsi step down from her position. This is not a request I make lightly. It is true that my views do not align with the Speaker's on pretty much every subject, but I believe in the necessity of the other side, and do not consider opinion disagreements to be cause for such a petition. While there are plenty of examples that could cause someone to question the Speaker's ability to perform her duties, or her cognitive resilience at such a late stage in her career, such as the seemingly common difficulties pronouncing words, the random flashes of her attention jumping to strange off the wall comments (ie "hello, it's Sunday", randomly telling reporters to look at her watch at a presser, or the comment about her grandmother's jewelry when asked about statues being toppled), I believe at this point, her senility and possible TDS has become treasonous. For the Speaker of the House to begin the process of forming a committee to decide if the President is capable of performing his duties by invoking the 25th amendment is simply insane. The President did test positive for covid-19, but he went to the hospital, received care, and was released, all without an instance of being unable to perform his Presidential duties. This is simply another coup, crafted in the semi lucid mind of the Speaker to avoid certain election defeat by taking advantage of the President having what was obviously a mild case of covid-19. It undermines our government, trounces on the separation of powers, and certainly compromises our national security. For a Speaker to attempt take away the President's responsibility and duties under the 25th amendment, when he is clearly not suffering any mental capacity issues, is derelict, irresponsible, unbecoming, insane, treasonous, and down right petty. To attempt this while her own party's presidential nominee has shown countless examples of cognitive decline is hypocritical, laughable, corrupt, and probably criminal.

In conclusion, these reasons stated above have caused me to lose faith in the Speaker, the House, and gives an appearance of political warfare from the legislature targeting the executive. Please sign this petition, or we may not be able to stop the next phase of this crazy plan Nancy Pelosi has concocted.

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