85 percent prison terms in missouri

My nephew is in prison in Pacific mo he was charged for a crime he did not commit he unfortunately had to have a public defender and the girl who did the crime is bragging how she did it and how he's sitting in prison for 25 years the police told him you tell me what I want to hear I will let you go home well he has a learning disability and a hearing problem so he has a speech problem and thought it was neat someone wanted to be his friend they took advantage of him well the county law here is the good old boy system so he got 25 years he did 14 years that he did not need to do at licking,no which he had no problems the COS were respectful on the most part medical care is a joke food is gross and without family support and money he would not have been able to have food clothes shoes etc which many inmates do not have then now he's in Pacific which is a joke he does not even deserve. Yo be there and I think the sentence should be reduced hes been in there for something he didny do and most of his life that's ridiculous he should be already out never been in trouble not once the whole time hes been there but he said he dont know how much longer that will be because of what goes on at pacific and the staff refuses to control the inmates. Another prison going to have a riot at staffs fault.
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