50-50 Kids

Every Child Should Have A Right To Both Parents

We need a law that doesn't allow family court judges to grant more than 50% custody to one parent, or we need to bring juries into the family court rooms. Unless severe alcoholism, drug addiction, emotional, physical or sexual abuse to the child has been proven and not just aleged by the other parent, there is no reason both parents don't have a right to 50% custody. We need a law that stops judges from taking children from their care taking parent without justifiable and proven reason. At this time, family court judges can do whatever they want and there is NO law governing them from harming families. Children are taken and kept from good parents everyday in the United States and it's time to put a stop to it. Many states don't allow children to choose who they want to live with anymore and this has caused a terrible hardship on families. We need to implement a plan to protect our children and their parents so that these practices can't continue. We need juries in family court rooms to be fair and impartial since family law judges and lawyers are no longer caring about the best interest of the child. Money has become the number one priority in family court and morals and ethics have gone out the window. Criminal judges have strict legal guidleines to which they follow, but family law judges have the right to use only their own judgement and/or opinion, resulting in children being unfairly and unjustly separated from their parents.