5-year old boy in Los Angeles victim of DCFS corruption, abused, neglected and separated from mother in foster care

My son is one of many children who are victims of a corrupt system that violates children’s and parents’ constitutional rights while allowing continued abuse and neglect by social workers and the foster care system. Many children are put on the market for adoption while judges do not follow the law and prohibit facts from being presented in the court room.

This system needs reform and the case with my son needs to be part of a federal investigation that includes an ex-landlord who falsely reported a mother and then paid off government employees including DCFS staff and court staff.

Just like children at the border childrens’ and families’ rights should be protected and the corruption needs to stop and children returned to their loving parents.

Counties like Los Angeles should not be rewarded financially for keeping children under the watch of DCFS and CPS and adopting them out without properly applying the law after looking at the facts in each case.

Los Angeles County and DCFS as their agency receives federal funding for each child they place in system and get paid top dollars the longer a case takes and for adoption. DCFS is truly corrupt and should not have financial incentives to separate children from their innocent parents.