$3.5 Trillion Wasteful Spending on Human Infrastructure

We have a border immigration crisis.
We have a major inflation problem.
We have police defunding problem.
We have violence in our major cities from BLM and ANTIFA
We have a water shortage problem out West.
Our hard infrastructure is crumbling.
We have many cbersecurity attacks causing gas shortages and many other problems.
We have many job openings and Biden is paying people to stay home.
The pipeline has been shut down causing many people to lose their jobs.
The border wall construction hasn been halted.

These are the many problems that have to be addressed NOW, but the Biden Administration has purposely ignored them beacuse he thinks he's the new FDR, thinking that he needs to bring a NEW green deal to America.

Democrats came to an agreement on a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package that will address President Joe Biden's so-called "human infrastructure" priorities. These policies including expanding Medicare, free community college tuition, national paid family leave, extending Biden's revamped child tax credits, and various climate change policies watered down from the Green New Deal. Joe Biden doesn't even know how WE are supposed to pay for it. This bill needs to be killed immediately.

Fix the problems above and stop the wasteful spending.