2011 cola for social security

the elderly deserve a raise

its time that you take care of the poor people on social security , stop helping bailout banks and giving money too progects that are worthless and dont help a thing. the elderly are the ones suffering here , you all get your yearly raises we dont , utilities are going up , cost of food and gasoline has gone up but not our checks , i am sure your not suffering or doing with out things just too survive like the elderly are , you try living on our measly little checks each month, my rent has gone up 2 times and food well thats another story but my check remains the same how on gods green earth do you expect the elderly or handicapped too survive , we want our cola jan 2011 , or a stimulas check not a losy $250 bucks either , whatgood does that do us ??? i am barely scraping by now , till i pay my bills thers nothing left ..