50% of America want to end Marijuana Prohibition. They cannot keep ignoring us. This is OUR country. Feel FREE to sign today.

We, the Undersigned, Citizens of the United States of America, Petition Our Government to Respect the Wishes and Wants of The People they Serve. WE PETITION:

The United States Federal Government, and in particular the Drug Enforcement Agency, will cease and desist any further legal and criminal action against all Persons age 21 or greater with preference to Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabino, commonly known as ?Marijuana? (DEA Drug #7360), as well as synthetic derivations of THC (the most active ingredient of Cannabis), such as Dronabinol/Marinol (DEA Drug #7369).

The aforementioned shall be removed from the DEA?s list of Scheduled Narcotics.

All open, pending, and due cases, charges, and fines against United States Citizens for simple possession of Marijuana shall be immediately dropped, closed, and sealed.

We insist the tax revenues generated from sales of marijuana and marijuana related accessories should be used accordingly:

UP TO 25% is to be allotted to Law Enforcement to used strictly towards more effective means of stopping importation, distribution, and illicit use of hard narcotics, such as Heroin, Meth, LSD, PCP, Cocaine, and other Scheduled Narcotics, as well as much stricter enforcement of misuse and illegal trade of prescription medications and pharmaceuticals.

UP TO 20% is to be allotted for rehabilitation programs and clinics for treatment to addiction and abuse of dangerous drugs. The programs will be allowed to continue to receive funding as long as they show an efficient success rate in rehabilitating participating patients to lead healthy, honest, successful lives.

UP TO 15% is to go to research of Hemp and other portions of the Marijuana (Cannabis) plant for earth friendly alternatives in uses such as Plastics, Bio-Fuels, Textiles, and the like.

AT LEAST 15% is to be for school education programs to teach students the truth about different drugs, the effects they have, and the damages they can cause.

UP TO 15% for use as loan capital for qualifying entrepreneurs, farms, and companies venturing into cannabis horticulture, packaging, distribution, and sale fronts.

UP TO 10%+ can go toward needed jobs in state and local, administrative costs of registration and record keeping on cannabis farming and distribution, and sales - similar to Alcohol and Tobacco.

AT NO TIME should the combined taxes on Cannabis exceed 20% of market value.

IF, IN THE FUTURE, these items are not in such need, the funds should be adjusted accordingly, EXCEPT for the 15% for SCHOOL DRUG EDUCATION programs and materials. ANY FUNDING left from the adjusted figures is to go to a special account in the TREASURY to DECREASE THE DEFICIT. THE FUNDS in this account are not to be spent or otherwise used until the DEFICIT once again becomes a SURPLUS.

THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and ANY ASSOCIATED AGENCIES with access or use of the revenues from the taxation of cannabis products and bi-products must keep excellent record and OFFER THE RESULTS OF THE SPENDING FREELY VIA INTERNET AND PUBLICATIONS in a timely manner for the AMERICAN PUBLIC to view.

This is the Will on the American People.


The Undersigned



It is the opinion of the Preparer that continued delay of this issue and the desires of the American People will result in more problems.

Many lives are negatively impacted, not due to the use of Cannabis, but the legal and criminal association with the plant.

Even legalization in select states are not enough, because it will open the door to short term gains for criminals and bootleggers. This has been seen in our history with the Prohibition of Alcohol.

It is also the opinion of the Preparer that any medical marijuana system will be abused, making for loss of tax revenue and even more criminal activity.

According to many government and private studies, 65-80% of illicit drug users in America only use marijuana. Likewise, it is the opinion of the Preparer that a large number of distributors, or dealers, of Marijuana lead otherwise law-abiding and honest lives. This is an apparent and self-evident fact, simply due to the sheer availability of Cannabis. It is assumed this is to keep the price down by competition.

It is the STRONG opinion of the Preparer that initial claims leading to the prohibition of Marijuana were based on faulty information. An example of such is the claim of cancer giving properties of the plant, disproved by a 2009 Study by the U.S. Government no less.

Finally, it is the position of the Preparer that the founding principles of our Nation and Government are being compromised. It is Our right, even our duty, as Americans, to uphold these beliefs, and never yield to those who wish to take away our right to be free persons. The ignorance to the true wants and continuous petition of the Citizens of this great nation by Legislators and Elected Officials as of late will surely be a dark chapter of America's rich history as a People's Republic and beacon of True Democracy.

Casey Dwayne Hodge