10 Commandments

Put the Ten Commandments Back!!!

We as Christians Demand God's Laws be put back in all Public Places. This Country was founded by people of the Christian Faith.

The only reason Christians have been pushed around in this Country is because we've allowed it. All we have to do is ban together. Stand up to these Athiest. The Athiest did not discover this Country. Christians did. And we are giving it away.

This Country will end up some 3rd World Country if we don't defend her. That is why the greed has gotten so bad in this Country. The Business Owners no longer believe in God.

It's no accidents that this Country is the Greatest Country in

the world. It's no accident that we are where we are now.

This is a Test...Will You make a Stand. Defend your GOD!!!

God will Bless this Country if we honor Him.

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