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Save St Albans VA Hospital and Site

Queens and Nassau county Vets need LOCAL Primary Care hospital.

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Guam's World War II Survivors Await Justice

The United States made a promise to pay war reparations to Guam's World War II survivors, yet 66 years after the war ended these survivors are still waiting for Congress to pass war reparations legislation.

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DoD Homeowners Assistance Program Modification

Fight for those fighting for you; DoD HAP needs to provide benefits to Military that are forced to move and have to sell their homes that are 10% or more upside down!

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No mosque at Ground Zero

Please support the mosque to be moved to another location away from Ground Zero.

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Petition to bring back federal Parole

Reunite familes and fill the void left behind due to incarceration.

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Let's Make the"Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 Retroactive"

Join me in taking a step to assure everyone gets fair sentencing by making the new law(S.1789) retroactive.

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By my signature hereto, I urgently join the Missouri SSBG-Disaster Supplemental Project, other states, and participating agencies to request Congressional and Presidential support for an extension of the period for expending Social Services Block Gr

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Discrimination Against Foreign Trained Physical Therapists

Foreign Trained Physical Therapists wanting to work in the United States shouldn't be stopped from taking the National Physical Therapy Examination.

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10 Commandments

Put the Ten Commandments Back!!!

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Stop the ACLU

Stop the ACLU from recieving Tax Dollars

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