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Stop Internet Sex Stings

Internet Sex Stings are Entrapment

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Request help from the US Congress by the end of democracy in Brazil, occurring by flaws in the civil institutions by corruption and Military by omission!

We try to change the course adopted by communism for Brazil to be part of this evil regime, but failed so far, this would be a viable alternative, since our ranks not nor acts pair army stop this barbarism!

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child support reform

child support is affecting fathers credit and passports

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please help us bring our children home

stop the corruption of CpS in all 50 states

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A Call to Advocate for Palestinian Children

Please take the time to learn more about this issue and to advocate for ending the ill-treatment of Palestinian children in military detention.

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corruption in Arizona cps/dcs

My children were wrongfully taken out of a loving non abusive family.

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Invitation to President Carter - Israel/Palestine

Speaker Boehner should invite President Jimmy Carter to speak to a joint session of Congress to share his long experience and insights about the Middle East

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Family Court Reform and Parental Rights

Enforce equal treatment and due process, protect parental rights and reform American family courts.

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We the undersigned ask U.S. senators and congresspersons to please support the bill S.2645 also known as the TREAT act.

This bill will make medication used to successfully treat opiate addicts more accessible.

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