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Please stop the messing with our schedules. It's an antiquated practice that only aggravates people. As it is Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgina Islands, and America Samoa do not participate in this practice.

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I'm wasting more energy by running the air conditioner late at night, due to the hot sun.
It's time to make a smart decision about this issue. Daylight savings time is outdated and unnecessary. Take action and actually do something about it!
I work in a mine on 4-10 hour days. We have more safety related incidents after the shift to lose an hour in the spring because we work from 6-4 and get ready at 4 to go to work. Leave the time the same as it is in April and keep it that way for the rest of the year to help keep people safe!!!! Also, DOT workers are at higher risk because the roads are slicker one hour earlier. This invention of world war 1 is not a fuel saving measure anymore. Please end daylight savings in Colorado, as Arizona has done, famers don't benefit from it or want it either.
Do a half hour adjustment one time and be done with it.