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Please stop the messing with our schedules. It's an antiquated practice that only aggravates people. As it is Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgina Islands, and America Samoa do not participate in this practice.

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It doesnt do any good, studies show its ineffective, so instead of keeping up with a tradition of erroneous clock changing, let it go.
9:30 sundown in the summer is ridiculous.
The time change has been proven to be a health and safety detriment. It's time to end this antiquated law now.
I'm sick and tired of tampering with the clocks.
Let's do away with daylight savings time.
Day light savings time does NOT help farmers, they are actually against it, and it also does NOT conserve energy, quite the opposite. According to one study done, people use more energy during DLST, as well as more gas for their cars. Guess who lobbies in favor of DLST continuing? That's right, big oil companies, so that you'll spend more money, and they can pocket it. Not cool.
DTS does not save money anymore and due to it, studies have shown we use more because of it. It also affects our sleep patterns and maybe causing an increase in heart attacks. And because of DTS, there are an increase in car accidents due to the time change. People become groggy because of the time difference place less focus on the road than normal. As stated in a TIME article on DST: "In addition to leading to poor visibility in darkness, some experts say the requirement for people to abruptly adapt to a time change overnight may lead to dangerous driving. ďEven though itís dark, youíre still behaving like itís light,Ē said Lawrence University economist David Gerard, of the first weeks after a time change. People may drive faster, he said, and pedestrians may be less attentive." Depending on where you live, people already drive like maniacs, don't worsen the situation by implementing something that is preventable.
DST does not save energy and cost employers millions due to lost sleep. Shifting time is a bizarre idea from the past. It needs to stop!!!