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Please stop the messing with our schedules. It's an antiquated practice that only aggravates people. As it is Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgina Islands, and America Samoa do not participate in this practice.

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Would you abolish daylight savings time, please?
I'm tired of changing time twice each year. I prefer having more light in the morning. If daylight saving time was observed in the winter the sun would not rise until after 8a.m. in the morning. They would allow every schools to start one hour later to keep students from heading out in the dark. I don't want every schools to start one hour later. I just want every school schedules to remain the same as it is now. I wish is that once when we fall back, we would never have to spring forward ever again. I don't want to stay on daylight savings time permanently. I just want to stay on standard time permanently. For example, during summer time instead of sun rising around 6:30am, it rises around 5:30am & instead of sun setting around 8:30pm, it sets around 7:30 pm. Like instead of it getting dark by 9pm during summer time it gets dark by 8pm, that would be great times. I live in Tampa, Florida. Sincerely, Luis Carrillo
by cutting one foot of a blanket at one end and stitching to the other end does not give you a bigger blanket !
Everybody I know hates this system. End DST once and for all!!!