Parental Bereavement Leave (The Farley-Kluger Initiative to Amend the FMLA)

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I, the undersigned, support the need for a Parental Bereavement Leave Act as a way of extending coverage and existing benefits allowed by FMLA to employees that have experienced the death of a child.

It is my strong opinion that the death of a child is one of the worst experiences that anyone can endure. I find it unacceptable that the death of a child is not included as a protected reason to qualify for the benefits that are set forth in the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993.

As your constituent, I encourage you to give this issue serious consideration and support The Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act/ The Parental Bereavement Act in either the House (HR2260) or Senate (S1320) to make the necessary modification to the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. Since the existing FMLA defines a child as anyone under the age of 18, verbiage should be added to allow bereaved parents to qualify for these benefits.

I support Kelly Farley and Barry Kluger in their efforts to make these necessary changes and allow the time needed to begin the healing process.

The Farley-Kluger Initiative is proud to have the support of such organizations as the Polly Klaas Foundation, the National Association of Social Workers, American Counseling Association, the Elisabeth-Kubler Ross Foundation, Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), First Candle, The Grief Recovery Institute Educational Foundation, Parents of Murdered Children (POMC), The MISS Foundation, Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc., The JED Foundation, Blue Star Families, Gold Star Mothers and Fathers, The Sarah Grace Foundation for Children with Cancer, The Children's Bereavement Center of Miami, National Students of AMF, American Academy of Grief Counseling, National Alliance for Grieving Children, Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance and The American Institute for Health Care Professionals, to name a few.

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The loss of a child of any age is he hardest thing to go through. My son and daughter in law were 26 - 25 and married when they were murdered. Was forced to go back to work with no support from anyone. Had never heard of Parents Of Murdered Childen until months after the tragity Please pass this for all of the families that are suffering there loss
In loving memory of my daughter Mariah, born sleeping 12/17/94
I lost my 29 year old son unexpectedly. Went back to work in 2 weeks. It was way too soon. 2 years later, I lost my job of 33 years after becoming ill. I believe if I could have taken more time off that first year, I would have been stronger physically from the damage of grief. Being in an extremely stressful job didn't help the situation either. Please extend the leave to a child of any's horrible, age doesn't matter.
There should not be an age son was 28...grief is not limited by age.
There should not be an age son was 28...grief is not limited by age.
In memory of my son. Three days is not enough time to recover from the shock of burying your child, no matter their age.
PLEASE!! ALL Children! You don't grieve less if your child is over 18! My son died at the age of 24, and as a federal employee, I was allowed 3 days bereavement. Ridiculous.