H.R.1795 - Repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) provision

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Bill H.R. 1795 has been introduced in Congress. Please support this bill to amend title II of the Social Security Act and repeal the Government Pension Offset(GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP). GPO and WEP unfairly, and only, penalize government employees whose social security pensions are reduced by two-thirds of their state pensions. This impacts teachers, police, firefighters, postal workers, civil servants, and state nurses.

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Punishes men and women that worked at multiple jobs and contributed fully to the Social Security system while employed in a government job also.
They earned this money and paid into the system, they should not be penalized for becoming teachers. etc. at a later date. If a private company did this there would be clear grounds for a lawsuit.
This act affects me greatly! I'm a permanently disabled now widow. The 2/3 deduction means I have to do without some necessary medications! Please repeal the GPO!
The 1983 law is unfair and discriminatory. It penalizes hard working people by taking away the earned Social Security benefits they paid for. I urge you to repeal the windfall elimination provision.
If this isn't repealed, perhaps out of fairness a nationwide petition should be started calling for a a Citizens Pension Offset that subjects all branches of government employees to losing 2/3's of their SS benefit at retirement since their public pension is taxpayer supported. Ironically, the people the government discriminately chose to shafts in the name of saving SS are the same ones paying their lavish salaries and cadillac pension package. Repeal the GPO and WEP, or at the very least do a means test to determine the amount the offset should be.
Please repeal the GPO and WEP. These provisions unfairly impact very specific workers. If a person has their 40 quarters but does not work 30 years under social security, that person's potential social security income is already lower because of the years NOT worked, and their government pension is probably lower for the same reason. Then the GPO and WEP come into play and reduce their aggregate retirement income even more. Please pass this bill!
Unfortunately, this provision not only affects teachers, police, and firefighters, people who devoted their lives in service to their towns, states, and country, but most decidedly affects women. Not only will I be penalized for the years teaching in a parochial school, receiving a pittance of a salary, but a much reduced pension will be the outcome of only the thirteen years I have worked in public school.
Please support the repeal of this provision.
At a time when quality teachers with real world industrial experience are needed so badly in public schools, the GPO is a disincentive for people to change careers and enter the public sector to share their experience with young people.