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To Our Elected Representatives;

We petition you not as Democrats, Republicans, Independents or members of any special interest group, but as concerned taxpayers. We urge all of our elected representatives to vote against this administration's health care plan. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the cost will be more than $1 trillion over 10 years and we know from experience that it will cost far more than any government estimate.

As expensive as the plan is, there are more grave concerns about the unprecedented level of government interference in the private sector and in our private lives. We want much less government in our lives; not more. Our freedom is precious to us and we do not want unelected Czars or unresponsive politicians telling us how to live and what is best for us.

We are highly skeptical of yet another piece or far-reaching legislation that must be done ?in a hurry?. After the 'emergency? stimulus package that was rammed through without a proper debate, and the bailout of GM, which rewarded irresponsibility with our hard earned money?you have little credibility when you tell us we need radical health care reform and we need it now. As far as we are concerned, the only pressing issue we want you to address right now is our wildly out of control government spending.

THIS IS AN ISSUE THAT WE CARE DEEPLY ABOUT AND WILL DIRECTLY INFLUENCE OUR VOTE IN YOUR NEXT ELECTION. If you are opposed to ObamaCare, we applaud you. If you are for ObamaCare, or on-the-fence, we urge you to oppose this legislation.

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9 hours ago
Someone from Edenton, NC writes:
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Family members would be uninsured without Obamacare.
9 hours ago
Ernesto S. from San Antonio, TX signed.
11 hours ago
Kay M. from Lawrence, KS writes:
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Why must we as legal American hardworking citizens be punished for our efforts because we cant afford Obamacare!#? Democrats claim everyone has the right to healthcare, does that also include the violent illegals roaming this country thanks to Mr Obama himself!#? Obamacare NEEDS to end! It is ripping us off day by day, and destroying retirements left and right, ruining any fulfillment of achieving the American dream, because we are ALL stressing trying to make ends meat, as younger generations strive hard to pay off their college education, when will this cycle of enslaving millions of Americans finally end!#? The health of our fragile state begins by taking care of its people whom make the future possible for our country! The time is NOW! REPEAL OBAMACARE! THINK AHEAD for the VERY HEALTH of AMERICA'S FUTURE! REFORM for FUTURE GENERATIONS!!
13 hours ago
Hugh W. from San Diego, CA signed.
20 hours ago
Someone from Pewaukee, WI writes:
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Repeal ObamaCare, it is a terrible plan!
just now
adam c. from amity, AR signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Washougal, WA writes:
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If this doesn't lower premiums and take government out of health care, them scrape it.
1 day ago
Bill R. from Evansville, IN writes:
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Enough of the Frankenstein monsters you in congress refuse to stop creating. That's the message here. STOP CREATING MONSTERS out of abused Gov't power mixed with cow toes to big pharma and big insurance!!!!! Got it??? Get outa da way. Get out and stay out. The (so called) free market we should have in this country and would have if it were not for your illegal/extra constitutional abuse of authority and disregard of your oath's of office, will find the competition in interstate commerce and advertising quite sufficient to LOWER prices and EXPAND policy offerings to satisfy even the most discriminating purchaser. It was not broken so GET OUT AND STAY OUT OR YOU WILL BE OUT AND WE THE PEOPLE WILL REPLACE YOU ALL EVERY TIME THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF UNTIL WE ARE SATISFIED !!!! The brave men and women of this country don't need you big gov't types anymore ever. We the people own this country and the money you waste. You are liars and thieves if this continues. Jail bait!!!!!
2 days ago
Matthew F. from Los Lunas, NM signed.
3 days ago
Someone from Elizabeth, IN writes:
Quotation mark icon There's the picture of healthcare costs back in the good old days before Obamacare. Remember, back when we had free-market competition working to reduce prices. Open your eyes & use your brain. Competition didn't work then . . . It won't work now.