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In review of House Bill 869 recently passed in September 1, 2013, Texas inmates can no longer get married by proxy, which I understand to be a violation of their rights not to mention removing the rights & stripping the dreams of the person who deeply wants to marry that person.

Advocates for inmates say building relationships, such as marriages, can help people who are incarcerated improve their behavior and incentivize reintegration into society, and isn't this what the long term goal is??

Unfortunately I (and many of my friends) didnt realize it couldnt happen until after the bill had passed and am now struggling to try to find a way to legalize our relationship but the courts are standing in the way stating that both parties HAVE to be present to obtain the Marriage License; no ifs, ands, or buts.

Supposedly the purpose of the bill was not to make it harder for people to get married, but was to protect those that might become prey to unscrupulous people..... okay well I'm sure the number of willing people who desperately want to share their life together legally vastly outweighs the scam marriages that they speak of.


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My love and myself been together since we were 8 years old five years ago we were going to get married and wasnt able too because he was arrested and transferred to usp federal prison
Have my live o e in usp Beaumont been together since we were 8 n 5 years ago we were gonna get married and he got arrested
Me and my love have been together 5Years we wanted to get married but had some problems now he is locked up and mmissed the wedding we plans now can't even marry cuz they changed it
Texas Prisons have too much authority over inmates. There should be a better checks and balances program to watch these people of authority.
There has got to be something done to bring back the proxy marriage in Texas in the TDCJ facilities, it's just not fair to the inmates and the loved ones they want to marry all because of fraudulent paper work of all the dishonest people out there that are just looking for a life insurance policies,... Some of these poor inmates don't even know that they just got married!! Now I ask you Mr. President and all of the congressmen that these request are being sent to, what happens to the dishonest people that have made these illegal marriages to the unsuspecting inmates? It is my opinion they should sitting in prison themselves, with a severe conviction and not just a little slap on the back of the hand, most of these sort of fraudulent goings on are about 99% due to life insurance fraud which is highly punishable in its self, it's ashame that the poor loved ones of these men and women that are incarcerated that just want to make a fresh start with the person they love while trying to turn their lives around and make a better life for themselves have to be the ones to suffer for it.. They are already suffering just from having to be incarcerated, they are there to pay their dues to society,... And yet they are the very ones getting done wrong in more ways than one! Marriage is one of the constitutional rights of an inmate and now they have been wronged and the price they are paying is that they have had A constitutional right stripped away from them!! Is this fair? I think not!... BRING BACK PROXY MARRIAGES AT ONCE!!! In other words,... GIVE THE INMATE BACK HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AS HE IS ALREADY INCARCERATED PAYING HIS DUES TO SOCIETY, AT LEAST ONE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT SHOULD NOT BE STRIPPED OF HIM AND THAT IS THE RIGHT TO MARRY, SHOULD HE CHOOSE TO DO SO.... Lucy Mitchell
My boyfriend and myself would like to get married and since he had a set back at his first parole board meeting he'll have to stay a few more years until he comes up again... However we missed out on the proxy marriage arrangement, now leaving us with no way to even be able to have contact visits...