Zero Tolerance for Violent crime against Children

This is a call to action, to compel our lawmakers of every branch of government to address violence against children and make ending it an A#1 TOP priority in their legislation agenda.

Posted October 24, 2009

HR 3200 - Prayer is Not Medical Care

Stop Insurers from being required to pay Chritian Science prayers as "medical care" for children and adults.

Posted October 24, 2009

Healthcare Insurance is not a Constitutional right

Healthcare Insurance is a States Issue

Posted October 22, 2009

Outlaw Outsourcing

The outsourcing of American labor should be against the law

Posted October 22, 2009

Jeremy~s law

To train bus drivers how to restrain meantly ill childern

Posted October 21, 2009

Support of H.R. 2801- Extend & Expand First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

Support the extension of current FTHB tax credit & offer it to all home buyers, not just first-time buyers.

Posted October 20, 2009

Evict the Congress

Send Congress & Obama an Eviction Notice

Posted October 20, 2009

Save American Jobs

Suspend the J-1 Visa Program and give jobs to unemployed Americans!

Posted October 20, 2009

Citizens Against Cruel & Unusual Punishment at Patuxent Institution


Posted October 17, 2009

Students for Fair Screening Measures for Blood and Bone Marrow

As physicians and physicians-in-training, we are the voice of science and facts, and the guardians of policy to make sure it fair and based on what we have learned through evidence-based research.

Posted October 15, 2009

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