The Trash Islands of the Pacific

The United States needs to step up efforts to clean the gigantic floating trash heaps in the North Pacific.

Posted April 4, 2010

New Laws Needed For Abused Animals

Abusers Of Animals Need Jail Time-Not Fines And A Slap On The Wrist

Posted April 2, 2010

A World Free of Cancer

Motivating big biotech to finding a cure and effective vaccines for cancer.

Posted March 31, 2010

Help Bring Nicholas Home!

Nicholas' Adoptive Parents have been fighting since 12/24/06 to bring him home.

Posted March 31, 2010

Disability Laws Need To Change

Allow people with severe disabilities to get married while maintaining benefits

Posted March 31, 2010

Take a stand for the Tenth Amendment

Protect we the people through the Tenth Amendment

Posted March 31, 2010

Enforce the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, 67, 72, 78 and the Community Service Act of 1974

A War was declared on poverty in the U.S. and now millions of poor people funds are being diverted in others states agencies and programs illegally.

Posted March 30, 2010

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

This amendment makes congress citizens of the united states again!

Posted March 30, 2010

Tell Congress to Pass Strong Food safety Legislation!

Wood pallets pose dangerous risks to food safety

Posted March 29, 2010

American Flags Need to Be Made in America

Americans Flags Should Be Made In America

Posted March 28, 2010

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