Stop Ethiopia’s Genocidal War on Tigray

As a member of your constituent, I urge you to support the United States' strategic and geopolitical interest in the Horn of Africa by denouncing the unelected and illegal federal government of Ethiopia and its genocidal war.

The Abiy Ahmed regime currently in power is waging the war in the name of maintaining “law and order” in Tigray. However, “Law Enforcement Operation,” or “law and order operation,” is a euphemism for Tigray Genocide. As you read this message, thousands of civilians are fleeing to Sudan in order to save their lives from killer drones and barbaric soldiers. The soldiers are mercilessly massacring innocents because of their Tigrayan identity; they are also raping women and girls.

Tigray is a region governed by the duly elected Tigray People Liberation Front. The narrative that Abiy Ahmed is waging war on TPLF is mainly a propaganda. The claim that “actions being taken by the government is solely against TPLF and not the people of Tigray” is a blatant lie to mislead and confuse members of Congress, the American people and the international community.

The war on Tigray is destroying Tegaru lives and Tigray’s economic infrastructures including universities. This war has now become a regional war involving Eritrea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Unless the United States acts soon, there will be a major humanitarian crisis that will engulf Africa, Middle East and Europe.

The reality on the ground is that over 36,000 refugees have fled to Sudan from Ethiopia. Eritrean, UAE and Ethiopian military aircrafts and drones are bombarding Tigrayan civilians from all directions.

The people of Tigray overwhelmingly rejected Abiy Ahmed’s “prosperity party” and voted for the TPLF. Consequently, they are now punished for their defiance.

The Nobel Prize winner Abiy Ahmed came to power two years ago promising reforms and democratic transition. He has not delivered. In the last two years, he has neither brought the promised reforms nor prepared the country for a peaceful and democratic transition of power. Instead, he has installed himself as a dictator and has indefinitely suspended elections citing COVID-19. In contrast, over 2 million Tigrayan people participated in a successful election that debunked Abiy Ahmed’s COVID-19 excuses.

The war on Tigray people is retributive because the Tigrayans defiantly elected their leaders against the wishes of Abiy Ahmed and his cronies who have jailed almost all credible opposition members and independent journalists in Ethiopia.

The war on Tigray is also an extension of the abuses of power experienced across Ethiopia. Thousands of people are in prison in Oromia, Sidama and other states. Legitimate opposition leaders are demonized and jailed without due process. There are daily extrajudicial killings of Oromo political leaders and civilians.

It has been more than 37 days since the war began and no one knows what exactly is happening. The regime has cut off telecommunications, internet and access to humanitarian aid. The illegal government has also banned impartial observers to conduct independent investigation of what is happening.

The Ethiopian regime, which receives millions of American and European taxpayer dollars in the form of foreign aid, has prevented credible international media from reporting accurate information about the war.

I plead with you to:

—Support voices of reason that are opposing the senseless war and the genocide in Tigray
—Demand independent investigation, unfettered media access to the war zones, Abiy Ahmed’s resignation and establishment of a transitional government in Ethiopia to restore peace and security in the Horn of Africa and bring stability throughout the country
—Provide financial and logistical support to the UN agencies, such as the UNHCR Ethiopia, that are helping Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees in Sudan
—Enlist the illegitimate officials of Prosperity Party as war criminals
—Work with congressional leaders to freeze the assets of Prosperity Party officials who are responsible for atrocities throughout Ethiopia
—Demand the freedoms of Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Lidetu Ayalew and all political prisoners in Ethiopia

I urge you to use the power of your office to prevent the making of another Rwanda genocide in Africa!

Thank you.